Boundary Crossed

(Boundary Magic #1)

by Melissa F. Olson

Urban Fantasy is an over saturated market, so there has to be something fresh or hooky for me to bother reading beyond the first book. And I already bought the second one.

But this isn’t exactly fresh. It was published 2015 and I read and low-key enjoyed Olson’s other series set in the same world (vampires, witches, werewolves living secretly in our modern world so nothing fresh or innovative there) Dead Spots.

So what is it about Olson’s writing that makes me keep reading? It isn’t the romance, either. Lex, a veteran who works at a store in Boulder surrounded by a large, boisterous family doesn’t exactly have tons of sparkage with the vampire cop, Quinn, who is sent by the Boulder boss vampire to investigate a break in at her house. I mean, for a while I was shipping Lex with her brother-in-law more than Quinn.

I guess its because I like Lex herself? There’s interesting and rich backstory here with a twin sister, her veteran career, potential for magic, a solid sense of family background and relationships, and a knowing view of Boulder’s self-conscious hippiness. Lex is interesting to hang out with, and that’s what kind of makes this worth going on, despite the blah romance, over-used tropes and how I had trouble differentiating between Simon (a witch friend) and Quinn (the vampire cop) for the first half of the book.

Despite Lex more-or-less resolving the biggest threat to her niece at the end of the this book, there’s far more story to tell, and not nearly enough fun times with Quinn. So I bought the next one (helps that they’re both on sale). This is a solid entry in the UF genre with all the usual trimmings and Boulder locale as a fun flavor. Not steamy at all. Like one kiss.