Boundary Lines

(Boundary Magic #2)

by Melissa F. Olson

Still liking this UF set in Boulder, Colorado featuring a “boundary witch” and veteran who is discovering the ways in which her city is shaped by old world politics (vampires, witches, werewolves). In this book, we delve further into Lex’s powers (she gets the help of a witch who heals some of her trauma blockage) as well as the politics of Boulder.

And we get some werewolves. There’s a short story or something in between the first book and this one that crosses over to Olson’s other series in this world and where Lex discovers how her twin sister died…and it wasn’t pretty.

I think Olson does an okay job of having Lex remember parts of that so you don’t necessarily have to have read the story, but I wanted to! This story has more about werewolves, and witch politics, and Simon became more of a real character for me vs. Quinn.

And it was great that Quinn’s love language revolved around making Lex’s firearms safer. Such a romantic.

Anyway, in this one Lex is trying to uncover the reason why the old world population in Boulder is feeling uneasy, something to do with magic, and also help Maven keep control without starting a witch/vampire war. There are some betrayals, and some fun fight scenes against a big bad monster, and Lex’s primary emotional focus on friends and family is still quite satisfying. I”ll follow her into the next book.