Incense and Sensibility

(The Rajes #3)

by Sonali Dev

If you’ve read the other two books in this series, then you should definitely read this one. If you haven’t read the other books, you’re likely to be confused by the two sets of sisters (Nisha, Ashna, China, etc) who are also featured here as part of the hero and heroine’s story.

This book is about Yash, the golden son who is running for California governor and India, the adopted daughter of a yoga teacher who also does yoga. Their sisters are good friends, so many years ago they had an encounter and brief kiss (there is very little steam in these books, safe for young folks to read) but then Yash made this pact with a childhood friend that they would pretend to be a couple to fend off the constant “get married” pressure and he never called India again.

Now he’s been shot and he is suffering panic attacks on the eve of the election and he goes to her for some counseling.

These books echo Bollywood movies in that the main focus on relationships really are the families and the roles the hero and heroine plays in the family. There’s B relationship going on with India’s sister China that is romantic, but mostly its about how Yash has to be perfect and India has to take care of her mother. And it’s all quite satisfying even if I prefer a higher level of steam.

Yash is the kind of governor who says things like we should support free market capitalism but also take care of the sick and frail and needy, and who I wish I could vote for!

The book does not shy away from the race and the difficulty of being a first generation desi running for office in the USA, but that’s not the main focus, really the main focus is on Yash’s expectations for himself.

Lovely continuation of this family saga.