Murder on Cold Street (Lady Sherlock, #5)
by Sherry Thomas

I going to admit that I’m hanging on now in this series primarily for the romantic tension between Lord Ingram and Charlotte Holmes and the mysteries (including this locked room mystery where their friend Inspector Treadles is found with two dead bodies and a revolver) are somewhat…humdrum? Loaded in minor details of who went where at five minutes past six and then Charlotte leaps to some conclusion about motivation?

It was fun to delve into Inspector Treadles’ marital situation here, but after Charlotte began unraveling the mystery, I still had no idea why he remained tight-lipped about the circumstances that lead him to being locked in that room.

So as I said, mostly just hanging on for some romantic HEA for Ingram and Charlotte. Livia has some worries about Mr. Marbleton, but there’s really no other Moriarty development in this book worth noting other than some background evil.

I’ll probably keep reading for the romantic element further in the series, but the mystery itself was a bit lackluster for me. The conversations between Mrs. Watson, Miss Longstead, Charlotte, etc. felt ….dull.