Miss Moriarty, I Presume? (Lady Sherlock #6)

by Sherry Thomas

3.5 stars, actually.

I love Charlotte, Mrs. Watson, Lord Ingram. However, we are in the sixth installment (Study in Scarlett was first). And the romantic tension between Charlotte and Ingram is somewhat resolved. So its a terribly tricky task for any author to continue past about four books and keep me interested and the stakes high.

I had hopes for this one: the confrontation between Charlotte and Moriarty.

And it fell flat. This was a hard one for me to keep reading because it was so…dull. It’s mostly everyone in a flurry because Moriarty is coming to consult Sherlock Holmes.

Then its Charlotte and Mrs. Watson visiting a religious retreat where about half of the conversation is about who went out of what house at what time and then drawing ridiculous (and really vague) conclusions from those observations.

After which, we get a little bit of Charlotte hijinks, but from the POV of a Moriarty henchman who is reduced to observing—you guess it– who is coming out of what house and when.

At the very end there’s a smidge of revelation about Mr. Marbleton, Moriarty, and Mr. Finch. This whole book felt very–dialed in. Kind of disappointed as i was looking forward to it as a reading treat. I’ll go one more book, but if its as dull as this one, I think I’ll stop reading this series.kb