Bombshell (Hell’s Belles, #1) by Sarah MacLean (Goodreads Author)

So you kind of have to know what you’re getting into with a MacLean book. I’ve only read the Bareknuckled Bastards series before, and it you liked that, you’ll love this start of the Hell’s Belles series (yep, we get prior couple cameos which is fun).

MacLean usually has some kind of high-concept fun club of main characters (this time its a completely anachronistic and unbelievable group of ladies from the Ton that go on secret missions), some lovely heated scenes, and kind of run-of-the-mill heroes, but also sometimes forays into historical niches that are fun to read.

Here we have Sesily, who is the daughter of a recently knighted dude and thus grew up working class. She’s part of a club of women who try to punish the unpunishable men of the Ton. She’s been in love with Caleb Calhoun (an American) for a while, but he keeps going back to America so she’s resigned herself to spinsterhood.

But, he’s back in town, and keeps getting in the way of her secret missions, and when she starts to figure out his secrets, they’ll have to defend against a powerful enemy.

So yeah, if you don’t mind the anachronistic parts, these romances are really fun. Action, sisterhood, sparks, female empowerment, etc. But if accuracy is your thing, this will drive you bonkers.

Read MacLean’s romances if you’re just looking for a light history and a good time. I already pre-ordered the next one because while Sesily is a bit bland, the other members include women who like explosions and thievery, which should be great fun!