Deception by Gaslight (Gilded Gotham Mystery #1)by Kate Belli

Genevieve Stewart was dumped by her fiancee ostensibly because her mother was arrested for demonstrating as part of the Suffragette movement.

She’s reinvented herself as a reporter, her job obtained through her wealthy family’s connection to New York’s wealthy Knickerbockers/Astor 400 socialites. So when she witnesses a dead body in the context of her research into Robin Hood (a thief stealing socialite jewelry then sending letters about the excesses of New York’s elite to her newspaper) and then bumps into one of the men at the crime scene at her next ball, Genevieve is tangled up in a mystery involving the infamous tenements, money, elite social circles, and the age-old caste system of the USA’s race/money divide.

The man, Daniel Mcaffrey, at the crime turns out to be a wealthy heir to the Van Joost fortune– although no one knows why Van Joost left him the money. As Genevieve and Daniel investigate further, the thievery escalates to murder and both will be in danger.

This was fun. The Glittering age New York was fun to read about. Genevieve’s tendency to walk alone at night and into abandoned parks despite being obviously followed and attacked smacked a little bit of too-stupid-to-live, but I did like Daniel’s POV at times offering a view of her that was more appreciative of her bravery.

The bad guys are wholly bad, no greyness there, so that was a little cardboard cutout, but this would make great vacation/beach reading. The ending ties up the mystery but for some unknown reason, despite the strides made in Daniel/Genevieve’s flirting (they were pretend courting for gosh sakes, she hung out in a hotel room with him at night!) the book ends with that unresolved for the next book in the series. Sigh. Not as big a fan of n0-reason deescalation for the romance than if the author had come up with a believable reason for Daniel to leave.