Soul Taken (Mercy Thompson #13) by Patricia Briggs

If you’re an urban fantasy fan (and apparently been living under a rock) and haven’t read the Mercy Thompson series yet….really, just go do it. Start at the beginning and read the books in order interspersed with the Alpha & Omega series. Yes. They are just that good.

But if you’re like me, and eagerly awaiting this latest installment so we can finally figure out Who. Sherwood. Is. then you’ll be partially satisfied. He does regain his memory, but is super cagey about where he fits in the current modern world.

This installment is mostly about Mercy/Adam continuing their vampire issues (via the local seethe but mostly having to do with Wulfe) and expanding protection circle. There’s a subplot with Zee getting deeper into his Dark Smith persona, some appearances by Underhill, Warren being cranky, the Walking Stick, and even a smidge of coyote. But its mostly Mercy/Adam. I’m kind of glad this book was pared down (they took the fire dog/Volcano guy offscreen) as the expanding MercyVerse gets harder and harder to stay on top of.

Mercy gets to also explore her own connection to the dead and there’s even more on her pack/mate bonds with Adam (thought that had been explored already when she was kidnapped, etc. apparently there’s more). And she/Adam are literally adorable.

The ending really didn’t make any of their immediate long-term worries fixed or ended. The vampires are all still around, their packs’ promise to protect folks still is causing political issues, and all the people angry at Mercy are still angry. But it’s always a pleasure to visit with those folks, and find out a little bit more about beloved characters.