Murder in the East End (Kat Holloway Mysteries #4) by Jennifer Ashley 

More Victorian food porn, lovely moments of hand-holding intimacy between Cook Kat Holloway and her mysteriously-tight-with-Scotland Yard delivery man Daniel McAdam, and a mystery of children disappearing from a Foundling Hospital. (I recommend reading this series in order starting with the first)

Mrs. Holloway is getting bolder with her sojourns from the kitchen where she is employed as cook, and her job is on the line in this book, not only for her sleuthing, but because she and Lady Cynthia are becoming fast friends– so friendly that Lady Cynthia’s artist friend wants to sit and paint Kat in situ.

Meanwhile, Daniel pops up with a surprise– his brother– who is a Vicar in a poor parish and is worried about the disappearance of children from a Foundling Hospital where he is on the board.

We get to know quite a bit more of Daniel’s background via his brother, and some lovely declarations about Kat’s goodness, and a bit of venturing into less savory parts of London like Seven Dials. (I have recently read some non-fiction, The Blackest Streets, about Bethnal Green so it was kind of interesting to see a fictionalized version).

The cast of characters, Tess her helper, Mr. Thanos the mathematician, etc. are always fun to spend time with. I will definitely keep up with the series if only to learn about things like boiled mashed peas pudding, but really just to see if Daniel is ever released from his duties enough to tell Kat everything about his secret policing.