Hallows End (The Curse of the Blood Moon #1) by Kristen Proby

This was a marshmallow fluff of a tale about three cousins who are witches, living in Salem, who are called on to fight a mysterious evil and help a random time traveling witch, Jonas, who is from a cursed neighborhood of Salem in the past, while supporting, loving, affirming each other and strengthening wards.

Lots of wards. They get strengthened. And then touched up by a cousin. And then another cousin proposes a ward-strengthening candle, and then the sea-affinity cousin suggests some nice lacey agate stones to support the strength of the ward.

And then the Aunties call in and say they’re praying and lighting candles to long-distance protect the wards, too.

Everyone loves everyone else and thinks they’re great…except for the big mysterious bad man, of course. We get a few pages in dark font (and italics?) of the big bad’s POV where he talks very mysteriously about wanting to get the witches.

Apparently, a witch must die each year in Salem, and that’s why Jonas originally cursed his neighborhood, so that they would be protected from the big bad but also the witch-killing.

If you are a crystal/rock nerd, or you are really into cousins who love each other, and on top of that are a fan of insta-love (Jonas and one cousin are soulmates, and instantly get crescent moon tattoos that appear on their wrists to prove it), this is the book for you.

If you’d like a little more creepiness with your cursed witch stories, or actual emotional development even when faced with instant soul mates, or want to explore the emotional ramifications of a cousin returning home to the two who stayed and the possible resentment/friction that might result…well this book isn’t going to offer that kind of edge.

Your mileage my vary, depending on what kind of witching you like best 😉 Apparently I liked Proby’s straight-forward contemporaries a bit better.