Nona the Ninth (The Locked Tomb #3) by Tamsyn Muir 

Muir’s story of the complicated history of the Ninth house (Gideon and Harrowhark) continues with this third installment. It’s fairly confusing. I explicitly forbid anyone from trying to read this series out of order. Indeed, I had to go refresh myself on the Wiki page because I was sooooooo confused even after two chapters about who was who and what was going on.

It doesn’t help that we’re not sure who Nona is, that she calls folks by multiple names, that folks can inhabit other folks’ bodies via necromancy, and that there is a complicated backhistory that Muir conveys to us with alternating chapters of Nona’s “dream” where she’s talking to John on a world more recognizable as Earth.

So confusing.

Did I say it was confusing?

Meanwhile, Nona lives with Camilla/Palamedes and Pyrrha and goes to school on a world in the shadow of a Resurrection Beast and patrolled by Blood of Eden.

This is such a wild and wacky series with lots of snappy conversations I didn’t get half the gist of because I was too busy remembering who folks were (or what they did that was so awful or who was in love with whom).

Still I will follow on to the next book, Alecto, in the series just to get some closure. Although, with the amount of folks being brought back from the dead, there may never be closure.