Between Shifts

(The City Between #2) by W.R. Gingell

Pet draws her three psychos into the mysterious death of a human this time around. A human found splatted underneath a dumpster near a grocery where then Pen (and JinYeong) end up working.

This installment definitely isn’t meant to tie up anything into anything even close to a neat package. We get more hints that Pet isn’t exactly a normal human (Zero seems really interested in her relationship to the house).

Pet gets mixed up with some more BehindKin, and the author does a fairly good job of throwing us off the scent of the real bad guy until the end.

There wasn’t quite enough JinYeong and Korean for my taste…I guess I want to spend more time with the three psychos (even Athelras) and less time with Pet and other humans working in the grocery. Still, I am going to go buy the next in the series to find out what happens next, and if some of the foreshadowing around Pet, the house and Athelras mean anything.

The City Between #1 Between Jobs