Between Floors (The City Between #3) by W.R. Gingell 

3.5 stars actually.

So I don’t recommend reading this series out of order, if you haven’t read the first and second book, don’t read this one.

That said, this installment was unevenly paced, plotwise even more vague than the first two books, and the mysteries are being drawn out like slow-pulled taffy. Pet is still Pet, and we get her poking around into things she probably shouldn’t, and we definitely get some Very. Interesting. Developments between her and Athelas that practically scream tension, it felt sooooo slow.

Somehow JinYeong’s Korean dialogue, despite Pet slowly becoming more and more able to understand, doesn’t help with the vagueness and oddly mundane teasing of the three psycho’s conversations. In fact, now that Pet/the reader knows what he’s saying, it seems oddly more to do with biscuits and sneering than the central mysteries of the series (why are the three psychos there? why doesn’t JinYeong attack Zero? What happened to Athelas, why do they keep telling Pet humans can’t do or understand or see anything but she definitely can?)

Athelas disappears in this book and Pet and the other two psychos must find him. Color me puzzled, but I didn’t even realize he was actually gone for so long since Pet spent an inordinate amount of time thinking about going shopping, going to Detective Tuatu or talking to Detective Tuatu (who really had no major part in this book’s story) or telling herself she was going to find Daniel (also no major part in this book).

So there was, in my opinion, a lot of filler when I wanted more of the fae politics to be revealed, as well as more development with JinYeong beyond pouting.

Still, I’ll go along for another book at least to see what happens and if anything gets developed or the series is going to draw things out way too slowly, in which case I might put it aside for a while.

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