Between Homes (The City Between #5) by W.R. Gingell

Pet is on walkabout without her Psychos/Troika since Zero would not commit to protecting humans who get caught up in Behindkin machinations.

She’s left her house and gone to couch surf at Morgana’s house along with Daniel.

But she still kind of needs help with an investigation when the North Wind shows up asking her to look into how to separate a human child from a legal contract with Upper Management.

Luckily JinYeong keeps hanging around, wanting coffee and hungry because no one cooks at the house anymore.

Slowly, Pet comes into a new confidence, intent on both protecting Morgana from Behindkin influence, helping Daniel to take care of his pack and Morgana’s mysterious upstairs children, and eventually coming to trust JinYeong’s motivations are more based in true caring then duty or contracts.

She buys him jeans and a yellow jumper after his suit is ripped to shreds in her defense. It becomes a whole new symbol of teasing.

But this newest mission brings her into contact even more with Behindkin politics, and weirdly her house doesn’t seem to want to let her go, and who knows what Athelas and Zero are really up to?

I was happy that Pet didn’t end up back with the Troika on so obviously unequal footing, but the four of them are going to have to stop refusing to see the implications of what it means that she can walk Between, pull weapons from between, etc. soon or this is going to get ridiculous.

Again, don’t read unless you’ve read the priors, because you will get none of the references.

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