Between Walls (The City Between #6) by W.R. Gingell

Now its Pet’s friend Morgana that needs help, and since Pet is back with her Psychos/Troika and they have a deal Zero has to investigate humans endangered by BehindKin, they’re on the case.

It’s actually Morgana’s online MMO gaming friend Blackpoint who has disappeared. Meanwhile, this book opens with references to Five and ‘Zul– who are the leprechaun and merman from the short stories I haven’t read. Luckily, I might have missed some inside jokes, but this books opens with explanations that make it okay I haven’t read those yet.

JinYeong’s feelings (OMG he actually is reading a stack of romance books!) are blatantly wildly apparent. It’s hard to believe, even with Morgana’s misdirection about thinking Zero has actual feelings, that our clever Pet hasn’t figured it out yet.

Nor that they are still in denial about her heirling status since she’s able to call the heirling sword at the start of the book to fend off a troll.

So glad they’re dealing with this all by the end of the book, but not really dealing with it if you know what I mean (at least talking about the heirling thing, everyone else is aware of JinYeong’s feelings, still not Pet, at least out loud to herself) Although the mystery of Morgana and the kids that live upstairs is solved and Pet confronts her with it. It doesn’t go all that well 🙂 At least Daniel is still around to pick up the pieces.

I am now, I suppose, going to have to go back and read those short stories, darnit.

Read these in order. For real.

Between Jobs

Between Shifts

Between Floors

Between Frames

Between Homes