Between Cases (The City Between #7) by W.R. Gingell

I’ve been reading this series one book after another for the past 10 days or so…and I might finally need a teensy break from them. (Despite the momentous JinYeong confession at the end of the book).

Despite some fun things happening to Pet and her gang in terms of sussing out other heirlings, fighting a man-eating house, and coming to terms with the way ‘Zul must behave because of fae danger, I got a little tired of the constant theorizing without much of the way of Pet acting on some of the information she’s given about the Troika (don’t misunderstand, she acts on the other info like who the heirlings are, and attempts to get at her own memories that are buried deep, etc)

So maybe a little break is in order despite all my shipping feelings towards JinYeong! And I like that the author isn’t drawing out Pet’s obliviousness to much further, I literally couldn’t stand her self-imposed cluelessness. As always, do not read these books out of order (although if you skip the interim short stories like I did it’s okay)

Between Jobs

Between Shifts

Between Floors

Between Frames

Between Homes

Between Walls