Between Family (The City Between, #9) by W.R. Gingell

Its fairly evident this is the penultimate book in this series– things are really getting shaken up. We start the book with Pet being separated from her emotional support vampire by having her house and all its contents transported to a special closed system where heirlings are supposed to duke it out until only one remains.

Luckily Zero is still with her, and of course, many of her friends are heirlings or live in an heirlings house so Daniel, Sarah, Morgana, the lycans etc. are all there.

We get to see JinYeong’s distress as he can see them thru a window, but the flimsy excuse of them not being able to write to each other because of English/Korean problems was…stupid. And then the whole “I can talk to Officer Tuatu but he can’t get a phone to JinYeong” was also…stupid. Wish that different non-flimsy excuses were present.

Anyway, most of the book is taken up with sojourns into the very dangerous heirling labrynth and hedgeworld.

Ho hum. It was kind of interesting the first time around, but once things devolved into Pet telling her rescue lycan about different directions and bits of between and branches and angles, etc. boring.

The bright spot was in the mansion of another heirling when Pet had to pick out a “real” JinYeong from several copies! Flaming Rude!

A big bad is taken care of, Pet’s house strengthens its bond with her, and there’s a meet-up with Athelas, and the Zero bond becomes clearer! Love all the developments.

Do not read out of order.

Between Jobs

Between Shifts

Between Floors

Between Frames

Between Homes

Between Walls

Between Decisions