Spires Universe #2 Waiting for the Flood Alexis Hall

This m/m romance is a super, super sweet tale of love during a flooded small British town. Edwin has confidence problems as well as not moving on from being left by his outgoing artistic boyfriend of 10 years.

He’s not open to the love/care of those around him.

But when his town floods, and the Emergency Environmental service man sent to help the villagers handle the flood is a large, caring carrot-top man with a gentle voice and a genuine interest in folks, he has to let go of the stuff weighing him down.

Much like the first in this series, Glitterland, (which you don’t have to read really at all) there’s little in the way of plot and lots in the way of Edwin’s inner thoughts and emotional development.

Unlike the first in the series, this one is fairly low level steam, mostly kissing and alluding to other things. Hall has a way of quickly sketching out an intriguing voice/ character, and then slowly uncovering even deeper flavors of humanity. I don’t want to give away what is making Edwin hesitant, but I love how he is alternatively fierce and then self-conscious.

Lovely, quick, (short!) contemporary romance with bonus older wise crotchety neighbor as a side character.