The City Between #10 Between Kings W.R. Gingell

I am happy and I am sad at this last book in Gingell’s Between series. Pet has to deal with a direct confrontation with the fae King, and while her first plan including salt/filings doesn’t quite work out as planned, and there are losses (I do like that there are losses, there should be a cost when going up against a major bad).

I love that Five gets to help, that the lycanthropes, Daniel, Tuatu, and North Wind all play a part, but in the end, its Pet and her Between skills not only being the main fight, but also her strategizing and machinations that are important.

I kind of missed Zero a bit, he seemed a bit of an afterthought.

This final book is all about Pet coming into her own, and the revelation of what and who she is and what she’s willing to do about the death of her parents and how far she’s willing to go and sacrifice to beat the current king.

That revelation about her I didn’t see coming– should have! Hints were all there from the very first book!

Gingell ties it up nice and sweet while leaving adventures open to Athelas. A fitting end to this series, that was a long, not too plot-heavy journey as Pet and her three psychos navigated the changeover in fae power. I am glad it is ended as anymore would have definitely been hard to draw out without sacrificing some of Pet’s delicious emotional maturity, but as this was the first independent series I’ve read like this start to finish, I’m sad to bid their world, one which was comforting to read, goodbye.

Read this series in order, or else. I was fine with skipping the novellas.

Between Jobs

Between Shifts

Between Floors

Between Frames

Between Homes

Between Walls

Between Decisions

Between Family