The Grandmother Paradox (Place in Time Book 2)

by Wendy Nikel

Despite this being the second in a series, I read it without having read the first (Continuum) and did just fine, thank you.

We start the story with Chandler getting sent back in time by time traveling genius Dr. Wells in order to protect the great-grandmother of Elise (main character in first book.) Chandler gets to hang out at a circus/magic show because Elise’s grandmother is a magical assistant. Only, someone’s obviously trying to kill her because they’re messing with the magical props.

The circus bits, and later on, the world fair descriptions were the parts I most enjoyed. I get easily confused by time traveling paradoxes, although this one was pretty straight forward even when it became increasingly clear who the grandfather was going to be. This is a novella, and so while I wished we could have lingered longer in the World Fair, or had more dastardly sabotage attempts of the magic show, things moved along speedily.

Fun little entertaining piece.