In Dreaming Bound (The Palace of Dreams Novels Book 2)

I loved the Horn series, which I read before the Palace of Dreams, and so I already knew alot of the Family dynamics that comes into play when Shironne, the blind touch-sensitive from the first book is sent to live with the psychically sensitive Family in their underground fortress under the king’s palace. Mikael, the broadcasting sensitive who interrupted everyone’s dreams with his experience of people dying, as a technical adult can no longer talk to or see her.

But they are still bound in their minds, despite an adult and a child having such a relationship being taboo. Meanwhile, Mikael is investigating some political maneuvering, Shironne is in danger, and both of them are trying to navigate their new situation.

I love Mikael and Shironne, and this way of keeping them apart certainly introduced some nice tension. More than in other books (I’m thinking of The Horn books where there is a similar dynamic of one of a pair of lovers having a fluid status as both ruling Anvarrid and Horn Family member and the other one is learning the Family ropes) I noticed some pacing slowdown as Family dynamics and Fortress geography were described in detail. (i.e. when Mikael goes down a hall to his office we learn what each hall junction leads so and sometimes I didn’t care as much).

But the parts where Mikael and Shironne are in danger because Shironne’s value causes others to interfere with their lives, or Shironne is navigating Family year group politics blind, or Mikael is learning more about the differences in Families like Jannsenn or Lucas or Lee– that stuff was really fun to read.

And I always enjoy my time in this world because it focuses so heavily on relationships between groups of people and I love that stuff. And the romance 😉 I hope the next book comes out soon! I want to know who’s targeting Shironne and if they ever get to interact with folks from the Horn!