Cursed Moon (Prospero’s War, #2)
by Jaye Wells

The drugs, police, magic, and emotional turmoil fun continues in this second book as magical enforcer Kate Prospero gets more deeply entangled in Cauldron politics.

Kate’s secret is out, she’s no longer completely magically sober and best friend Pen is having a hard time forgiving her whilst little brother/ward Danny keeps on singing the praises of Cauldron politician and ex-criminal (and ex-lover for Kate) John Volos for saving his hide.

Meanwhile, someone’s stolen a bunch of love potions and something big is going down in Babylon during a full moon.

Kate’s life basically gets more and more complicated and a bit more depressing in this book. There’s some truly whackadoodle scenes in this one bordering on the distasteful: like an orgy at a college Kate and hunky partner Morales have to break up. There’s also a lot of guilt and bad handling of Danny and Pen, seriously abusing her relationship with the lovely old lady who looks after her brother, and some self-pity I just want to her to snap out of.

And there’s a kind of lock ness monster in Lake Erie that plays a big part in overcoming the big bad’s ultimate weapon– which felt a bit silly juxtaposed with all the quite gritty, believable drug-parallel mess Kate’s made of her life.

Still, this is a great series. I still wish there was a bit more romance (or for Kate to get her head to gether regarding John V) but I will probably at some point continue on with it.