Ya’ll know I have a newsletter, right? It’s mostly been short news updates on writing and links to free stories, sometimes free giveaways, and group author promos. (The Mossy Glen subscribe here)

Well, things are a changing since I am hunkering down into agent-finding mode. So I asked my newsletter folks what they’d like in the next year.

Here’s what they said:


So it looks like links to Japanese culture and history and stuff along with background info and links to free short stories will be the bulk of the Mossy Glen. Meanwhile, I’m going to go through and unsubscribe folks who Mailerlite says never opened a newsletter. (I know, despite my giveaways always sign up optional, some people click the box to subscribe and never open…or their browser doesn’t register).

Forgive me if I unsubscribe you and you wanted to stay on. You can always resubscribe here.https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/a0u5i3