Last Tang Standing by Lauren Ho

If you like Crazy Rich Asians, you will like Andrea Tang and the multi-national Singaporean world of business she inhabits. There’s vintage champagne, expensive cars, designer hand bags, and immense pressure from her family to marry well (and someone of her own ethnic background.)

Andrea is working hard to become partner in a Mergers & Acquisitions law firm, and also just broke up with a long term boyfriend. She’s a sitting duck for all the Auntie disapproval and advice about how to get married. And now there’s a new “foreign talent” in the office who might be billing more hours than Andrea!

Andrea’s got a cast of wild and rich friends, new profiles on Tinder, and tendency to veer alcoholic. She’s got a lot of figuring out to do about who she wants to be.

This is written in a chatty diary style which was cute. At times I did miss a bit more back-and-forth between Andrea and rival Suresh, having it summarized by Andrea’s diary voice was at time not quite satisfying. We get tons more of her with tycoon Eric Deng than we do with her main rival.

Otherwise this is a hoot. Andrea is fun, and learning about the different ethnic backgrounds making up Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia etc. and their relationship to London in terms of finance, was interesting, especially in the context of who is an ideal mate and who you’re really allowed to marry.