Blood Moon

(Wolves of Wolf’s Point #2)


Catherine Lundoff 

So I read the first in this menopausal-women-called-to-small-town-by-werewolf-magic series a long time ago.

She apparently had a writing hiatus for this series. However, Lundoff was at a local event recently and I picked up Blood Moon just because I wanted to find out what happens to the Big Baddie (Annie) and also if Becca and Erin (protagonists) ever get together.

At the beginning of the book, Erin is found with a dead body, turns herself into the police, and then Becca and the pack’s Alpha, Shelly, have to figure out both what really happened with the murder, and also counter a new threat to the pack.

What characterizes this series is that more than action and escalating violence, its more….escalating older women involvement in care and tracking bad people. Basically Becca and Erin are surrounded by pack members, and the story builds on Becca getting to know everyone, arranging meals, rides, puppy daycare, figuring out how to keep the police out, investigating a break-in, etc.

There’s a little bit of chasing through woods, some fights with another werecreature, and Erin gets to track Annie through the woods/mountain as well a couple times. Both story lines mentioned above are brought to a satisfying conclusion while we get to know more about the elder “retired” werewolves.

The pack women are often shown talking about a problem, agreeing to a solution, and then something happens to change that solution out of their control. That got a little repetitive at times, as well as Erin encountering Annie and nothing really happening. But if you go into this book thinking of it as something to read that is restful and deeply embedded in the ways groups of older women organize and care for each other (i.e. more meal planning than combat preparation) then you’ll enjoy it for what it is.