Heartbreaker (Hell’s Belles, #2) by Sarah MacLean

Fun and super sweet, but lived more for the glimpses of Imogen and her bombs and chemicals than anything else. (Also very steamy)

Adelaide gets her book here in the second of Hell’s Belles series, and also gets her Duke. Henry Clayborn is only after his father’s puzzle box that contains a secret his political rival, Havistock, has hired the infamous gang, The Bully Boys, to steal.

Only, the Bully Boy’s King is actually Adelaide’s father, and somehow not only is the puzzle box in the mix, but also a client of Adelaide, in her role as the Matchbreaker, is determined to protect as she elopes with….Henry Clayborn’s younger brother.

So they get mixed up in hijinx.

Adelaide’s big emotional journey is that she isn’t good enough– born to a gangster, bred to be a pickpocket, she doesn’t quite believe she’s worthy of either the Hells Belle’s loyalty or Henry’s regard.

Henry also hides a secret that means he doesn’t feel worthy, either, but thankfully that all blows away quite handily in his desire for Adelaide.

While fun, this historical dwells a little too long on Adelaide’s feelings of inadequacy, which are believable in terms of her reservations about Henry, but not really believable when pertaining to the Hells Belle’s, who literally have her back. (Imogen! Doesn’t it feel warm in here?)

And sometimes Henry’s inner monologues about his warrior princess got a little wearisome. But then some bit of hijinx or Imogen would come into save the day and it was fun again.

The next book will be Imogen’s…and I literally can’t wait. We get a teaser at the end of Adelaide/Henry’s story.