Between Decisions (The City Between #8) by W.R. Gingell 

Momentous changes are happening in the world of Pet and her three psychos. Things that are dire and can’t be undone. JinYeong has confessed feelings and in this book he is adorably focused and supportive and stares at her.

Zero also is showing some feels, and gets drunk.

Athelas…well…the less I say about him the better. Tea is drunk. Hearts are broken. Nightmares revealed.

After Pet finally talks to Morgana about boy things, the gang plus Abigails gang of humans get involved in clearing the harbor of some deadly sirens. So the strategizing was fun.

But not fun was the plumbing of Pet’s closed off memories surrounding her parents with Athelas. She seems to want to do this in a combative way right in the middle of the other action (sigh) but while interesting details are revealed I also found it often confusing. Off to get the next book, though.

I still haven’t read the short stories…but again….not entirely necessary. Read these in order. For real.

Between Jobs

Between Shifts

Between Floors

Between Frames

Between Homes

Between Walls